Why ‘Herstory’?

Paula2Why ‘herstory’? My name is Paula Edmondson Smith, and I am a major history geek. As a matter of fact, I have a master’s degree in the subject, and I love all aspects of history. But for the purposes of this blog, I’m turning my attention to some fabulous women who have made — or are making — their mark on history. Therefore, I will be writing about ‘herstory’!

It was my privilege to have been the GM of a small newspaper in Western Kentucky for over 15 years before my retirement. I was also the executive director of the Western Kentucky Book Expo. I met many wonderful writers during those years, including several Oprah Book Club authors, and will be featuring some of them on this blog. I’ve also made the acquaintance of women from many different fields: artists, politicians, theologians — women who are breaking barriers and redefining stereotypes. These women are blazing trails for a new generation to follow. Then there is also that amazing woman everyone knows — the ‘character’. We all know one. I’ve known quite a few.  They are the unforgettable creatures who grace our lives with their wit, wisdom, and total presence. I can’t wait to tell you their stories! You are invited to join me in my appreciation for all these wonderful ladies and their impact on our world.cropped-77019_168008053217842_6405119_n.jpg


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